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Adapting to a post-COVID-19 world through design

Businesses will rely on new equipment to meet work safety regulations and customer protection upon re-opening. Our Portable Partitioning Environments (PPE) are designed to maintain social distancing and safely limit exposure to one another. These protective barriers are suitable for applications in restaurants, bars, clubs, offices, dealerships, and showrooms.

Convey Safety & Comfort to Customers and Employees

The partitions can be used to delineate space and provide a sense of customer confidence and comfort when social distancing isn’t enough. The protective barriers are designed to reduce exposure to coughs, sneezes, and other airborne droplets that could contain bacteria and viruses. The partitions help to protect patrons and provide added security and peace of mind. Each assembly is made of thoughtfully selected materials with easy-to-clean surfaces that are non-porous. Additionally, the unit sits above the floor for easy sweeping/mopping.

Designed by Architects

The partitions are designed by Architects & Interior Designers with form, function, and aesthetic in mind. Customize PPE for your business from a selection of sizes, colors, and glazing options to complement your interior brand. Best of all, they're MADE IN DETROIT!

Installs in less than 90 seconds!

Our PPE is fabricated for easy setup, mobility, maintenance, and disassembly with the use of an allen wrench included in the kit. We encourage clients to reuse these panels whenever additional privacy is required, even for private event areas. 

Government Incentives 

Capital expenditures made by businesses to fight COVID-19 are being considered for tax-exemptions. Grants are also becoming available to subsidize the cost of new protective equipment. The MIOSHA Workplace Improvement to Safety and Health (MIWISH) Grant Program awards qualifying businesses a dollar-for-dollar match - up to $5,000 - to purchase safety and health-related equipment and equipment-related training. The goal of the program is to create a safer and healthier work environment and reduce the risk of injury and illness to workers in Michigan. For more information on this grant and others, visit www.michigan.gov.


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