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Virtuoso Design+Build is a versatile millwork and fabrication shop specializing in custom creations.

We are Detroit made.

Our design studio and shop are located in Islandview, in the heart of Detroit’s Beltline Industrial District. While our ever-growing network of clientele was cultured in the city of Detroit, today it spans nationwide.

We are collaborators.

We develop tangible solutions for projects of varying sizes and types. Our millwork engineers can develop designs from inspirational image or design intent. Our carpenters, metalworkers, and upholsterers collaborate with clients, architects, and designers to discuss material selections and fabrication techniques to ensure high-quality results that are within budget. When you include us in the design process early on, we can help streamline pricing and eliminate the need for budget engineering.

We specialize in custom components.

Our team takes on unique projects with excitement. We specialize in custom components, using unique materials and approaches to activate spaces and enhances the user experience.  We specialize in custom upholstery, millwork, and metalwork. Our team can create a custom design for you or work with a designer of your choice . Built-in furniture (like bookshelves, entertainment centers, and retail displays); and build-outs (like bars, point-of-sale counters, and banquette seating) are our niche. Sealed construction documents necessary to obtain permits can be provided by a licensed professional; millwork engineers, architects, and/or interior designers.

Does your project involve more than just interiors? Our affiliate partner Infuz Architects provides architectural design including master planning, site + landscape design, building rehabilitation, historic preservation, new construction, and more! Visit for more information.

Urban Angelo Iso.jpg

Millwork detailing of the point-of-sale counter at Urban Angelo.

We provide design solutions for interior spaces, branded objects, and unique millwork projects. Our design/build process begins with the client and understanding the design need. Project opportunities and limitations are identified through a design process, be it interior design, graphic design, product design, and/or millwork design conceptualization. When the design reaches its full development, construction and engineering documents are created, providing our shop team with every detail needed for in-house production.


Urban Angelo custom corian point-of-sale counter.

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